Saturday, June 22, 2013

RAGNAR 2013...what were we thinking?!

For some CRAZY reason I decided to do Ragnar again and this time with an ALL GIRLS TEAM! Here we are all bright eyed at 4:00 am at the starting line at USU about to send Laura off as runner 1.  

And there go the runners at 5:00 am to officially start Ragnar's 10th year!

Here we are at Snowbasin still looking pretty happy.  We have finished our 1st legs but not without some mishaps.  Allison injured her knee while running in Hyrum and McKinley tripped and fell and scraped up her knees and hand coming off Avon Pass into the town of Liberty.  

Van 1 at the finish line waiting for Van 2 to come in.  

We FINISHED and before dark too!  I believe our time was 37 hours and however many minutes.  I won't say I'm never going to do Ragnar again I will just say I won't be doing it for a few years.  It was hard to have a baby and coordinate the two vans and it was definitely hard to leave my baby!  

Check out the cute smiling face I got to go home to...

Greyson and Nick had some great bonding time together and other than a little pee on Greyson's face...they survived just fine without me.  

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  1. What an adventure Ragnar was! But I'm proud of our cool all girls team. Haha I love the pee on the face. That's what baby boys do