Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cousin Fun and 24th of July

Melissa was in Utah with Merrick and Elle so we decided it would be a good time to get some pictures of Nana with her grandkids.  This was the "best" picture we got.  Henry and Elle were more interested in exploring than sitting for pictures.  

The next day we all met for Logan's annual 24th of July parade.  It was Greyson's first parade and he was pretty darn excited.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

JJ Grey & Mofro

Mom and Dad took me to my first rock concert!  We went to see JJ Grey & Mofro in Park City.  

Mom and Dad with Uncle Grant and JJ Grey July 2012 in Salt Lake City.  Mom didn't know it quite yet but I was in her belly.  Notice that Uncle Grant is wearing the same Black Crowes shirt that I am. 

Here we are with JJ Grey.  

Me and Dad at the concert.  I don't know who was more excited me or him.  

Mom got me these great headphones so I could enjoy the show but not be overwhelmed by the noise.  I even took a 45 minute nap during the show.  

I can't wait to go to more concerts!  That was fun!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Here I am in my 'special' 4th of July outfit.  This is the only picture Mom got of me before I pooped all over the place.  Mom made a quick note to self that next time take the family pictures RIGHT AWAY!  

Every year we have a brunch and croquet party at the Palmer's and mom happened to find me a fun croquet onesie from GAP along with a festive fedora. 

HAPPY 4th of JULY!